They met in Excelsior

Big Bad Archon

Are we in over our heads?

bakrosh__the_orc_chieftain_by_daveallsop-d4bsbzb.jpgThe group arrives at Trollstone, the Orc Warchief Archon’s stronghold. Friar Duck acquires a Grummesh trinket that he displays on his body. The group is creeped out by some strange stone statues that surround Archon’s great hall. Different figure all seeming captured in stone at a moment where they were in shocked desperation, trying to look away. Many figures are gnomes. The 4 halflings, Hans, Frans and the party all get an audience with Archon, who’s entourage include 3 priests of Grummesh and 12 orc warriors with great axes.
After much haggling, things go awry as Archon learns that his garden gnomes have been stolen at the same time that Brenda’s gnome traveling companion cannot be found. Enraged, Archon and his entourage attack. After a fight where the party barely survives, Archon is finally felled. The remaining orcs decide to back down. Brenda finishes making the deal and the party makes a small fortune as a result of the new negotiations.



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