They met in Excelsior

Our Heroes met in the humble town of Excelsior

The beginning of something great

stone-giant.jpgOur Heroes met in the humble town of Excelsior, hired by a Dragonborn sorcerer to investigate some Stone Giant activity from the nearby mountain range. Soon after meeting the sorcerer, the group helps and heals a townie who’s leg gets trapped under a boulder.
4e_kobolds.jpgThe party follows the boulder up to the mountains where they encounter and quickly dispatch groups of kobolds. Eventually, Silverstrand the rogue finds a secret passage to a large room where a stone giant is being help captive by a large number of kobolds.
The kobolds are dispatched, largely from a sleep spell from Sarlock which earned him an inspiration point. Friar Duck joins the party with a splash by charging the green dragon armorless with no weapons but a piece of wood. and The party gains 2 magic swords and a healing potion each.
greendragon.jpgSoon after, a green dragon attacks. It is killed by the party working in conjunction with the stone giant. But not before the dragon calls the party fools and accuses them of performing actions that are weakening the Barrier (an invisible force field to the North that can only be traversed by a full-grown dragon).
The party learns the giant is the last of his tribe, the rest having fallen victim to ritual sacrifice by the dragging Poisonfang and his army of kobolds. The giant leave the area to move to other parts of the mountain range, in hopes of meeting more of his kind.



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