They met in Excelsior

The Toast of the Town

Getting the next gig

The party defends back into town where the town leader invites them to party down on the house. Sarlock and ‘Hamma ( The dwarf cleric’s who’s clan name is BattleHammer) decide to visit the town’s hermit for more information regarding the Barrier. All she can say is that the barrier is found on the Kaladan plateau, but recommends they research the topic further at a larger city’s library. The rest of the party meets various townsfolk, of which many are interested in enticing the party in helping them on their own personal endeavors.

clowns.jpgA archeologist wants the group to sail a boat to a far away land to explore. A disgruntled aristocrat wants the group to help him secure his rightful position. Instead of these offers, the group decides to latch onto a caravan of Halflings as a security detail. Brenda, and her 3 sisters (Bertha, Bethany and Martha) set off with a reclusive gnome, 2 lifters (Hans and Frans) and the party on route to an Orc Warload’s stronghold, to deliver black velvet paintings of orcs painted as clowns, crying. Brenda will provide room and board and pay 5gp a day to each member of the party.



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