Skinny Elf in a trench coat loaded with scrolls, papers and pouches.


3rd Level High Elf Wizard
HP: 17
AC: 14 / 17 w/ Mage Armor

Longbow: +5 atk , 1d8 + 3 prc dmg
Dagger: +5 atk , 1d4 + 3 prc dmg
Flaming Longsword: +1 atk , 1d8 + 1 slash dmg and +2d6 fire dmg



Sarlock went to a remote Wizard College hidden deep in his elf homeland. He excelled at ancient elf magic but was displeased with the slow rate that his training was progressing at. He started to perform his own alchemy and transmutation experiments in secret. After a horrific disaster, he was kicked out of Wizard College. He left his homeland to wander and learn more magic on his own, from other races and people.


They met in Excelsior tonytosta