Thorin Battlehammer (aka Hammer)

Dwarf Cleric, Life Domain


3rd Level Hill Dwarf Cleric
HP: 30
AC: 17
Primary Weapon – Warhammer, 1D8+1
Secondary Weapon – Light Crossbow, 1D8+1


  • Guidance – 1 action, touch; target adds 1d4 to ability check
  • Spare the Dying – 1 action, touch; unconscious target with 0 HP becomes stable
  • Sacred Flame – 1 action, 60 ft; target makes dex saving or 1d8 radiant

Spells – 4 lvl 1, 2 lvl 2 spell slots
Lvl 1 Spells

  • Shield of Faith – 1 bonus action, 60 ft, small parchment with holy text; target gains +2 AC
  • Healing Word – 1 bonus action, 60 ft; target regains HP 1d4 + spell modifier (lvl 2 slot – healing increases by 1D4)
    – Add +3 due to Life Domain
  • Cure Wounds – 1 action, touch; target gains 1d8+spell modifier
    – Add +3 due to Life Domain
  • Bless – 1 action, 30 ft, some holy water; up to 3 targets add 1D4 to attack roll / saving throw (lvl 2 slot – up to 4 targets)
  • Command – 1 action, 60 ft; target makes wisdom saving or follow command (unless undead / doesn’t understand / harms them); commands – approach, drop, flee, grovel, halt (lvl 2 slot – up to 2 targets)
  • Guiding Bolt – 1 action, 120 ft; ranged spell attack, if hit target takes 4d6 radiant, and next attack roll against them is made with advantage (lvl 2 slot – damage increased by 1d6)

Lvl 2 Spells

  • Spiritual Weapon – 1 bonus action, 60ft; creates floating weapon that can melee attack, 1d8 + spell mod damage (counts as action); as a bonus action on later turns, can also move weapon up to 20 feet
  • Lesser Restoration – 1 action, touch; target cured of one disease or condition
  • Prayer of Healing -1 action, 30 feet; up to 6 creatures regain HP up to 2d8 + spell modifier
    – Add +4 due to Life Domain
  • Aid – 1 action, 30 ft, tiny strip of white cloth; up to 3 targets gain HP max and current HP increase by 5
    – Add +4 due to Life Domain

Domain – Life,

  • Channel Divinity – Turn Undead – 1 action, 30 ft; undead make wisdom saving or turned until they take damage (i.e. they flee beyond at least 30 ft space)
  • Channel Divinity – Preserve Life – 1 action, 30 ft; heal any number of targets to heal HP up to 5 times cleric level (lvl 3 – 15), divide amongst targets, only up to half target’s max HP
  • All healing spells that add HP to targets are improved by 2 plus spell’s level (3 for lvl 1 spells; +4 for lvl 2 spells)

A foot soldier cut down in the heat of battle by ceaseless, bloodthirsty waves of Orcs (may Moradin’s beard curse their name), Hammer was on the verge of passing out. He coughed up blood and looked around himself once more, eyeing his dwarven brethren as they lay dying around him. Hammer strained and attempted to staunch the wound of his nearest comrade, Fimli. He told himself that at the very least he would protect and save the youngest amongst them, Fimli the Untried. But it was a useless gesture. Hammer could barely move his arm, and he soon saw death approaching in the form of 3 ugly, viciously smiling Orc chieftains. Hammer closed his eyes and made a silent, bitter wish that his brethren’s death be relatively quick and painless; better the Orcs choose him to torture and suffer than for it to fall on his comrades. .

It was at that moment, at the border of death and suffering, that Hammer saw her behind his eyelids: Berronar Truesilver. The Revered Mother. The Mother of Safety. The most beautiful visage Hammer’s mortal eyes had ever come across, and would ever come across again.

In this moment, Berronar seemed to look down on Hammer and judge him; finding his Lawful Good morals and conviction satisfactory, she nodded once. And in his head, Hammer heard a powerful voice assure him: “Do not lose faith.”

Almost before Hammer’s mind could even comprehend this vision sent to him by this high Goddess of the Dwarves, Berronar’s image receded from Hammer’s mind. And yet, vitality returned to Hammer’s limbs. Strength returned to Hammer’s fists. And, most strangely of all, a magic aura of brilliant Life seemed to flow from Hammer’s fingers. A healing aura. One that caused Fimli the Untried, on death’s doorstep in Hammer’s arms, to soon open his eyes and stare at Hammer in wonder. “Brother Hammer…what…”

As the aura spread to the other nearby dwarves, wounds mending, gashes closing, vitality and power returning, Hammer simply looked up. He stared down at the 3 Orc Chieftains who had begun snarling in concern and fear at this sudden revitalization. He stared at his fellow dwarven brethren, all of whom had begun reaching for their weapons once more, strengthened by this sudden turn of fortune. And then he stared at Fimli, conviction burned into his heart, and said “Brother Fimli, do not lose faith. This battle is far from over.”

Thorin Battlehammer (aka Hammer)

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