They met in Excelsior

The Whitwind Monastery

Dunk the monk and a mysterious book

book.jpgAfter an uneventful 8 days on the road, the group has a stop over at the Whitwind Monastery and are greeted by Abbot Merkins. Orsik, ‘Hama and Sarlock head for the Library while Maya, Friar Duck and Merla head for the drinking hall, The Monks of Whitwind have a special brew to be tasted. Merla lends the Friar enough gold so he can buy into a game of “Dunk the Monk.” which involves keeping a Whitwind monk from getting to the end of an obstacle course by shooting arrows at targets that force the monk to drop into the water. Friar Duck prevails and earns a Wand of detect magic in the process (word).
Meanwhile, the nerds come across a secret book that they are told not to open near still water or fire. After getting back no the road, the group opens the book to find a ship captains log of what appears to be the voyage that the halfling culture believes first brought halflings to the land. This is very interesting because the current day’s level of science has not yet achieved knowledge of any other continents (or that the world is round for that matter).



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